Since its foundation in 1994, Santa Joana mineral seek balance with Nature by extracting mineral water eith top quality procedures and technology, and environmental awareness. Counting on four units operating, it is a market leader when it comes to selling natural mineral water in Pernambuco statem and also it is the second most important bottling company in Brazil according to official data provided by National Department for Mineral Production (Departamento nacional de produção mineral, DNP) and by the Brazilian Association of Mineral Water Industry (Associação brasileira da indústria de água mineral, ABINAM).

Purity and quality because your health is gold

Being sustainable is the ability to interact with the world, preserving the environment so as not to compromise the natural resources of future generations.

It is to be ecologically correct and economically viable. This is the commitment of Santa Joana. We produce sustainable packaging with less environmental impact and with reduced use of PET material. The lid opens easy is unpainted, lighter weight in lids and bottles.



Our mineral water is extracted and transported through stainless steel tubing during the entire process. The bottling lines feature fully automated equipment, thus assuring the quality if Santa Joana products.



We own a modern analysis laboratory that controls quality along the entire mineral water bottling process: from extraction at the springs to the final bottled product, guaranteeing a complete safety for consumers.



Santa Joana mineral water is distributed in high standard, resistant bottles, tested and approved in order to keep all natural characteristics of mineral water, guaranteeing the same purity of the spring.


Disposable Cup 200 ml Still Water

Dispoble Bottle 295 ml Still Water

Dispoble Bottle 330 ml Sparkling Water

Dispoble Bottle 330 ml Still Water

Dispoble Bottle 500 ml Sparkling Water

Dispoble Bottle 500 ml Still Water

Dispoble Bottle 1.5l Still Water

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